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Saturday, December 31, 2022

0031: random

when was the last time your internet stopped working?
I actually don't know if it has ever lagged for reasons beyond the internet box thing initially being too far away

which sport do you prefer to watch the most on television?
Ice skating, and any Olympics sport

how often do you shave your legs?
Once every 2 months or less? I used to religiously shave them but my leg hair is invisible so it's only really when I feel like being extra and smooth, usually when it's warm out

is there a garbage can near you?
Not within reach, but there's one in my bathroom

who was the last person you cooked for (besides yourself)?
My bf

how many hours a night did you spend on homework during highschool?
Zero, I always finished it in class (the day it was assigned)

do you prefer desktop computers or laptops?

where is your favorite item of clothing right now?
Not sure I have one right now. I've been laying low as far as clothes go. Well, I just got this new genius shirt for the gym that's a normal semi-fitted t-shirt in front and completely open in the back, and it's on my floor.

do you own a pair of moccasins?
No, but I used to own a pair of those fucking Minnetonkas. I miss them

what was the last text you received?
My friend's going to see the new Spielberg movie and talked about the David Lynch cameo in it

did you ever watch phil of the future?
Maybe, I just remember having a crush on the main character. One of the many men I've been attracted to who my boyfriend strangely resembles

can your phone fit on a lot of chargers for different types of phones? or just the charger specifically made for it?
I dunno, I never liked these impersonal survey questions but I'm not deleting it for archival purposes

what was the last flavor of icecream you had?
Man, it's been awhile. Probably vanilla, in an Oreo McFlurry

how many times a day do you sneeze?
Once or twice

what are you currently listening to?
Brown noise bc I'm hormonal

do you have any weird things in your house? (like odd sculptures, pictures, dolls, etc)
I have a small but mighty collection of vintage clown figures and dolls. Pierrot, never Pagliacci

when was the last time you mowed a lawn?

where is your computer located?
On my lap.

what's your favorite flavor of gum to chew?

how did you meet the last person you talked to?
The internet:p

Friday, December 30, 2022

0032: random

when was the last time you played connect four?
maybe middle school?

what's a random memory from when you were in 3rd grade?
my teacher yelling at me far beyond what is normal about my bad cursive lol

do you have any ke$ha songs on your itunes?
I love the 2010sness of this question, but I don’t like her music beyond nostalgic value

what color was the last towel you used?

what's an old computer game you used to play all the time?
I have only vague feelings of them that are so vague there aren’t any images associated

who was the last person to compliment your hair?
besides my bf, the woman who cut it. She said I trimmed my bangs well

how often do you buy shampoo & conditioner?
once every 2 months but prolly less now once I get my hands on my favorite Redken stuff

when was the last time you played basketball?
…high school?

how many times have you kissed the last person you kissed?

many! Multiple times on most days since June 2021

whose birthday is it today?
just Googled, no one I care about

what color are the walls of the room you're in?
greyish purple

when was the last time you were under a blanket?

are all the doors in your house the same color? (besides the front door & the back door)
Not sure, I guess so…mediumish brown wood

do you have chapped lips?
No, actually

do you have a tablecloth on your dining table?
haha our dining table is a beat-up green cards table we got from a thrift store. Maybe that would make it look nicer but we like how it looks either way

where is your favorite person right now?
my bf who will remain my favorite person, until we have kids, which is when he will be tied with them for my favorite person

what class was a blow-off class for you? (in high school or college)
Most non-scientific, non-technical electives. Humanities in community college stands out as a class that I made harder for myself out of fun

where did your last kiss take place?
Ummmm my room I think

do you use pandora?
No, I manually download music and put it on my phone

what time is it? are you going to bed soon?
9 pm, and no although I feel tired and dizzy from…a certain...pilule du lendemain

are your nails painted?
Yes, this color on medium coffin nails. This is my OFFICIAL last time doing press on nails too, they're too fragile to withstand much. They’re also long and it’s hard to type, hence the short answers. Gel X, acrylic, and dip only from now on...

how far away is the nearest power outlet?
Directly behind my head, behind my bed.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

0033: random

how often do you brush your hair?
Once every few days. It's one of the benefits of having short hair. My hair is at the length right before bob-length, like a short shaggy pre-bob, and it's the first time I've finally felt at peace and more or less consistently liked my hair length.

did you ever listen to avril lavigne when you were younger?
Yes, I was a fan.

how often do you have to charge your phone?
I usually just charge it overnight unless I'm going to the gym.

what's the plan for tomorrow? would you rather it be something else?
I don't have a plan for tomorrow. I guess I could walk to the gym if I don't feel gross.

the last thing you touched: besides you, who was the last person to touch it?
My boyfriend.

how many paintings do you have hanging up in your house?
A few, my boyfriend's dad is a painter.

where's the closest wall clock located?
I don't think there is one in this house.

what was the last thing you had to eat?
Reese's Minis, last night…we eat them a lot in this household.

does it annoy you when people add extra punctuation? (ex: ????)
No, it's moreso the tone in which people talk online that annoys me more than stuff like that.

when was the last time you changed a light bulb?
I'm not sure, maybe when I was in college, for my desk lamp.

how often do you clean your car out?
I still don't know how to drive. I would like to but I just freeze up at the thought of it. I feel way too dissociated still to be able to learn.

what's a word you always have trouble pronouncing (or spelling?)
There's a common word that I misspell but I can't remember what it is. EDIT: It's geniunely. I mean, genuinely.

did you ever buy NOW (now that's what i call music) cds? 
Yeah, my parents got them for me.

when was the last time you bought new makeup?
About two weeks ago, I bought Glossier Boy Brow in Auburn and a Balm Dot Com in Mango. I went on a crusade to find a dupe for my Glossier concealer and brow gel because they were getting to be too expensive for me, but I ended up wasting money AND time. Unfortunately, now it seems like they're reformulating to be a “clean beauty brand” aka adding in ~natural~ shit that will end up making the products totally different and expire sooner, so I'm going to have to find dupes if the products are totally different anyway

what do you put on toast?
I don't eat toast much, but butter.

how often do you wear mismatched socks?
I don't, actually.

is there any of your favorite food in your house right now?
I'm not sure what my favorite food is anymore.

what is your computer background?
A wallpaper someone made of Bladee's Eversince album. I might change it because I'm not in an Eversince mood much lately, thankfully

how have you been lately?

would you ever want to attend a party where you only know one person & that's all?
I think I have, and it was okay. I was starting to become quite the social butterfly before lockdown happened.

when will you go to the dentist next?
I dunno, we're broke, so probably a few years barring any emergency. Thank god I got my root canals before this winter

around what time do you normally go to bed?
4-5 am

what color (mainly) is your computer?
grey. Also, weird, I finished this survey at the exact same time I finished yesterday's survey.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

0034: random

what was the last meal that you made for yourself? did it turn out how you wanted it to?
I made pasta salad yesterday, but it turned out bad because Walmart feta tastes really bizarre...

do you know how to use chopsticks?
Yep, I do.

did you ever have a favorite pet growing up?
My cat Winter, who died in 2020.

what song have you been listening to a lot lately?
"Kirby" by Yung Lean.

who was the last person to drive you somewhere?
My boyfriend, to Walmart :p

do you do anything to your hair before going somewhere, or do you just leave it natural?
Lately I've been leaving it alone, but ideally I'd curl the ends. My hair is at a weird mullet length, which I'm upset about because I got a pixie cut in February 2022 and it still hasn't grown out to a bob length yet. Maybe it will by February 2023?

how often do you go in your backyard during the winter time?
We don't have a backyard, more like a patio, and it's shameful how few times we've actually been out there since moving here in August -_- We didn't go out at all this winter so far

have you recently seen someone that you haven't seen for awhile?
I think I saw a girl I used to go to high school with at Walmart, and she had 2 kids, which was a surreal experience considering why I was there (to get pregnancy tests)

where did you buy the last blanket you used from?
I have no idea, I've had this one for a really long time. I suppose my mom probably got it from Big Lots.

what's a game you can almost always win? (ex: tic-tac-toe, connect 4, blackjack, etc)
I can't think of any, but I do like board games.

where is the last person you hungout with right now?
In his home/office~

is the hard drive on your computer full or getting close to being full? what's something that you have a lot of saved on your hard drive? (pictures, videos, etc)

Yeah, it's almost full because I manually download all of my music and save it to Apple Music.

how often do you drink pop?
Every day, my New Years resolution is to quit.

do you know who macklemore is?
Yes, my best friend in high school was obsessed with him for some reason

how often does your internet stop working or slow down?
Never. When I lived in Baltimore it usually stopped or slowed down once a week or so

when was the last time you stayed up until sunrise?
Technically 2 days ago, although I'm usually trying to sleep around the time the sun rises.

have you ever used teeth whitening strips? did they work?
No, but I'm gonna try them next year.

who was the last person you spent more than an hour with? what did you guys do?

On Christmas, my boyfriend and I watched Joker with our friends, talked, and...yes.

are you cold right now?
Nope. I'm wearing my college sweater and am under my blanket.

do you have a heating blanket?
No, that sounds unnecessary for my purposes, I'm rarely cold enough that I need anything more than a blanket

when was the last time you painted your nails?
Technically December 23rd, but I fucked up the press-on nail shape so I took them all off.

where do you buy most of your clothes from? how about your shoes?
Right now, Target and Walmart. I haven't bought a lot of clothes since I got laid off and these stores definitely wouldn't be my first choice. I got the last few pairs of shoes at Walmart and Amazon. Amazon has some really good Converse knockoffs.

is there any songs that you prefer the acoustic version over the regular version?
I rarely listen to acoustic versions, but I like the acoustic versions of some songs on P!ATD's Pretty. Odd. I don't prefer them, though

do you know what snapchat is? do you have one?
I stopped using Snapchat in 2020, I guess technically 2021, because I barely talked to anyone and the app just felt weird.

do you like wheat thins?

what was the last thing that made you happy?
The Doubleshot I'm drinking right after waking up. It is weird how I've already spent an hour on Neocities-related takes up a lot of time.

do you think gangnam style was more annoying than call me maybe?
Damn, for some reason I thought Xanga died way before these songs...I don't like either of them but Gangnam Style is actively annoying, Call Me Maybe is just mildly irritating

how often do you clean your room?
Sunday is my Clean The House day and that's when I vacuum and get the trash together, but I moreso keep my room clean continuously than have a day where I clean all of it

when was the last time an area in your town/city flooded?
Not sure.

when do you plan on going to bed tonight?

Whenever, which is usually around 4-5. It doesn't feel good to get up late but w/e